Inspiring People of Today: Joann Salamat

Meet JOANN SALAMAT from Bulacan, Philippines.

I've joined an event on Facebook, trekking Mt Binacayan on July 3rd. Just like my previous climbs, I only knew one or two in the group. So, that time, I was with new faces, personalities and orientations -- and Joann was one of them. My Mom told me not to talk to strangers, so I pretended that I was sleeping all the time. Uh oh, I'm just kidding!☺


At the jump off, Joann approached me asking to check out their bags when heading to the rest room. When she came back, she started asking me questions until we have shared so many travel stories until we reached the summit and when we returned back to the jump off.

Joann, who works in an IT company in Ortigas, is addicted to black and white photography. She distributed coloring books to children in Barangay Wawa in Rizal before heading back to Manila. It was my first time to meet someone like her who carry books from jump off to summit then back to the jump off. Such an inspiration, right?

Joann started distributing books to children a year ago. According to her, she allot a certain amount for this cause. Her backpack will always have books. I'm sure with that. Joann, you're indeed an inspiration. Thank you for making the kids happy. Thank you for inspiring me and other people. Thank you for your contribution towards creating a better world.