Inspiring People of Today: Alfred Rafael Marbella

I couldn’t shake off the LSS anymore!

Do you know where you’re going to, do you like the things that life is showing you? Where are you going to? Do you know? Yes, I’m a singer… on my rest room!

For sure, after reading this story, your interest to mountain-climbing or even just at the outdoor will be awakened, signaling you to take various crossroads again. My point here is to go with what your gut and heart tell you makes you happy.

Last week, while planning my Catanduanes itinerary, I’ve received a message from Jhane, a proud Mom, sharing her son’s photos and stories. For the past weeks, I was featuring certain individuals I’ve met on the road. But, for the first time, I’m writing about someone I’ve never met yet his stories is worth-sharing. 

Everyone, meet ALFRED RAFAEL MARBELLA from East Rembo, Makati City, Philippines. This 9-year old kid have conquered Mt Pico de Loro, the Taal crater lake and recently, Mt Ulap.

For some, Mt Ulap is considered a major hike, spending 4-6 hours on the trail. Mt Ulap traverse is a combination of several hills and mountain peaks. The trail is a bit tricky and dangerous for inexperienced mountain climber. Just like Charwin, our featured individual last week, Alfred prefers being with nature rather than staying at home. 

Life can get so busy with work that we lose time for family and friends. Of course, work is a priority. But when you can, travel with your family and friends. You’ll learn more about yourself when traveling. Jhane’s way of spending time with her family, most especially to Alfred, is very inspiring too! 

To Alfred, continue inspiring people and keep on discovering the world. Fly high. Spread your wings. Soar. Let your confidence radiates wherever you are.