Inspiring People of Today: Charwin Real

Meet CHARWIN REAL from Manila, Philippines.

At a very young age, Charwin have conquered Mt Maculot, Mt Binacayan and just recently, Mt Pico de Loro. He’s one of those lucky kids who can still play at the mountains and get closer to nature. He prefers being with nature rather than staying at home, playing with his video and cellphone games. 

I met Charwin when we trekked Mt Binacayan few months ago. He’s meek and very humble. He’s a type of guy who is always willing to be taught. These qualities of a mountaineer will lead him to a better tomorrow. Who knows, he’ll be the next Romeo Garduce, who reached the summit of Mt Everest in 2006.

Exposing Charwin to unfamiliar places through mountain-climbing demands problem solving and learning of new movement skills. The challenges and joys of outdoor climbing has been introduced to him at very young age. And, that’s good. Look at Charwin now. He’s such a gentleman and his confidence radiates from simple to complex situation. 

I will never forget Charwin’s enthusiasm – he greets everyone with a smile and people around him (I’m one of them) wants to be with him because of his cheerful heart. If a 13-year old can reach the summit, why can’t you? Charwin is turning 14 on August 23rd. Jewel, Charwin’s mother, is planning for a birthday climb for him. 

Charwin, keep exploring the world.. and continue inspiring everyone!