Inspiring People of Today: Felix from Gapan, Nueva Ecija

Meet FELIX from Gapan, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.

As soon as we get off from the tricycle, young boys immediately flocked together at the registration area offering services to be our porter, tour guide and even photographer. For solo backpackers (yes, budgetarian) like me, asking services from these kids would mean additional expenses. So, we politely turned down the offers and started roaming around.


The Minalungao National Park, covering 2,018 hectares, is one of Nueva Ecija's hidden gems. This national park is known for its marvelous 16-meter high limestone bordering a narrow river with emerald water coming from the Sierra Madre mountain range. 

While enjoying the views, I have noticed Felix, one of the boys at the registration area, feeding his younger sister. Looking at them -- broke my heart. Without flinching an eye, I asked him to join us, pretending that we needed his help to tour us around. To my surprise, he's a good photographer. He knows where to strike a pose then he capture it perfectly. Yes, a potential photographer! 

Felix attend classes on weekdays and works during weekends. He said that whatever he's earning every time he plays the 'tour guide slash porter slash photographer' role, he share it with his family and most especially to his sister. At young age, he knows how to work and save up for his future. Felix is indeed an inspiration, right? 

Uh, wishing these kids could enjoy their youth -- playing around, learning new things and not working hard for survival.