Inspiring People of Today: Renz Galat

Meet RENZ GALAT from Basco, Batanes, Philippines.

The most exciting part of travel is discovery. That's what I've realized for traveling solo since 2011. I love the feeling of being in awe and to the completely unexciting things to happen. These might be the reasons why I enjoyed my stay in Batanes last year.

Kuya Renz is one of the tour guides in Batanes. He was referred by Amboy Hometel where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. I met him at the hotel's reception area, looking tired that morning but still managed to smile.

If you're new to a certain place and you haven't finished your research, you'll definitely listen intently to your tour guide and ask so many questions just to satisfy your curiosity. I have learned that Kuya Renz was working as a government employee in Batanes for years to support his daughters' studies here in Manila.

When Kris Aquino featured Batanes on her now defunct-TV show, the need for tour guides mushroomed. Without flinching an eye, he enrolled himself to TESDA and got certified. Few days after, he was invited by Amboy Hometel to guide tourists from Manila. He admitted that he's enjoying his current job as a tour guide (sometimes, as a photographer) because he has all the time for his family and helping promote Batanes - that alone makes him teary-eyed.

This is a shout out for Kuya Renz for being very informative, understanding and honest during our stay in Batanes. He played the tour guide-photographer role wholeheartedly. 

Kuya Renz is indeed an inspiration -- age is not a hindrance to enjoy what you're passionate about. He studied, got certified and now helping his community through tourism.