Inspiring People of Today: Rolando Campos

Meet ROLANDO CAMPOS from Rizal, Philippines.

He was our tour guide when we trekked Mt Binacayan last Sunday, July 3rd. The first time I've met him, I felt at ease right away. He's very friendly, approachable and is full of energy. He shared so many things about the mountains in Rizal including the stories of his students who crosses a river and mountains just to attend their classes.


Yes, you read it right! Mr. Campos is an elementary school teacher and a tour guide during weekends. Imagine this: he teaches from Mondays to Fridays; he prepares his lesson plans every night; and he plays the 'tour guide slash photographer slash porter' role during weekends. Plus, he's a family man! Impressive, right?

Mr. Campos is indeed a living proof that we can overcome anything when we have the determination to improve the quality of our lives.

To Sir Campos, thank you for being such an inspiration. To help out your students, I'm organizing an outreach program, hoping to get pledges from my friends and to you, my dear reader. Stay tuned for the updates.