Inspiring People of Today: Seth Daniel Atienza

For the past weeks, I’ve been receiving stories (and photos) of young boys, who successfully conquered two or more mountains. The senders? Proud parents. These parents are looking for ways to get their children involved in physical activities. Yes, some kids are becoming too focused on smartphones, playing video games and the newly craze, Pokemon Go.

Following the inspiring stories of Charwin and Alfred, this week, I want you all to meet SETH DANNIEL ATIENZA.

Seth have conquered Mt Batulao when he was 8 years old. A year after, he climbed Mt Talamitam. His love of mountaineering continues to this day. He’s one of the few children who enjoys the outdoor rather than just staying at home. Hershey loves hiking with her son Seth to keep him away from video games which is detrimental to his physical health.

Spending time outdoors is scientifically proven to reduce stress and provide a huge range of physical and mental benefits for children. Mountain-climbing requires a great deal of intense focus and concentration. It also requires the children to learn how to think and act with confidence and making quick decisions on the best route, relying on their own physical strength and mental abilities.

For parents, hiking with your kids allow you to learn more about them. These kids talk a lot while trekking and you get to hear everything about their lives. Let your kids enjoy the outdoors. Let them enjoy the forests, the mountains. And, when they get back to school, they’ll brag about what they’ve done last weekend.

Seth, not every climb will be successful but it provides you the opportunity to learn about the mistakes and it figures out to succeed the next time. Soar. Fly high. Keep on climbing as it prepares you for all the life’s challenges.