Giving Back Through Together We Share

Coining Together We Share
Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry Inc., 
Malate, Manila, Philippines
October 22, 2011

Three months before my 25th birthday, my Mom told me to continue helping the less fortunate ones: that even I have nothing to share, I should always think of other ways to help other people. A month after, my Mom passed away. It was the saddest part of my life. However, as other people keep telling us: life goes on. We should stay strong and positive even we struggle sometimes.

A week before my birthday, I have asked my friends from social media to help me in raising awareness on the event I've organized. Since I don't have the resources and I was literally asking for donations, I decided to call the event as #TogetherWeShare, a collective effort; working together, helping together.

Luckily, we have received pre-loved clothes, school supplies, noodles, can goods, donuts, and medicines. We then distributed these items to all the children and volunteers housed at Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry Inc., in Malate, Manila. Yes, I spent my birthday here!

Upon entering the gate, the kids were greeting me 'Happy Birthday' while some of them were kissing and hugging me. Such a priceless moment!

The First Together We Share
Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry Inc., 
Malate, Manila, Philippines
October 22, 2011

Kanlungan sa Erma Ministry Inc., located in Malate, Manila, houses the neglected, abandoned and sexually abused street children from Metro Manila and nearby provinces. The foundation currently houses 17 street children with at least 5 volunteer workers.

Instead of spending my 25th birthday on a certain bar with booze, food and loud music, I decided to do it here in Kanlungan Sa Erma. With the help of my friends, we were able to donate pre-loved clothes, can goods, groceries, school supplies and a lot more. I keep telling my friends to do the same during their birthdays. Since then, my friends started giving back to the community.

Together We Share II
Reading Story Books Loud & Clear
Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry Inc., 
Malate, Manila, Philippines
December 31, 2011

Working in a call center or to any kind of corporate jobs, you meet awesome people who share the same passion as yours. On December 31, 2011, I and my friends Vanj, Cristy & Haruka visited the Kanlungan Sa Erma Ministry Inc., for a reading activity.

During this time, we have read story books loud and clear to at least four kids in a group. There were four groups representing the four of us: me, Vanj, Cristy and Haruka. Then, we're exchanging books so that all kids will be able to know the stories behind those donated books.

Together We Share started to explore other ways to have an impact to the lives of these street children. Teaching them how to read is one of the best things to do to heighten their interest to reading and to trigger their artistic sides.


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