REVIEW: Dumaguete's Gabby's Bed & Breakfast

After getting off from the tricycle, I was delighted to see the exterior of Gabby's Bed & Breakfast. This hotel is very clean and the atmosphere is  very youth-oriented with so many bright colors all over the place. 

Gabby, the owner of the hotel, smiled and greeted us when we're checking in. He mentioned an overview about the hotel and he provided us some travel tips when roaming around the city. After few minutes, he then gave us our keys and headed to our rooms. Rooms are situated on the second floor which allows you to pass by the balcony/veranda.

Budbud here in Gabby's Bed & Breakfast is super delicious! 

Rooms should be bigger. I'm around 5'8 and I'm having a hard time with my bed. The shower/rest room should be more spacious. Wifi is very fast. Swear. 

The veranda has a very relaxing view with soft and comfortable sofas. Newspapers, books, and guest books are properly arranged. Maps are all over the place. I noticed a map full of pins showing the different locations of every customers who checked in at the hotel. There are card boards that are translated from English to a regional dialect Bisaya

Gabbys, a brand new restaurant, offers delicious food. The complimentary breakfast includes two pieces of budbud (rice cake wrapped in banana leaves), ripe mango, and either a juice or coffee. Choose coffee coz they have the best coffee in town! If you're not satisfied with the complimentary breakfast, you can order heavy, valued breakfast meal. Choices are ham, sausage, garlic breads, and other Filipino dishes at a reasonable price. 

The restaurant is indeed very colorful with paintings on the ceiling. Staff are friendly and can speak English fluently. Two thumbs up for Gabby's Bed and Breakfast!