Walking Barefoot In Patong Beach, Phuket

The Patong Beach is considered as Phuket's main tourist resort and luckily, it was just a 2-minute walk from my hotel. It was no surprise that Patong Beach has soft, white sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is truly breathtaking especially during sunset. You better wait for it while walking barefoot along the beach.

The famous Patong Beach sunset. Beautiful, right?

If you're looking for fun and party, Patong is the perfect place. Local bars and restaurants are all over the place. However, most international restaurants and brands take the lead. Foreigners mostly dominate the business scene here. There are couple of imitation shops here offering cheap items and souvenirs.

The Patong Beach is just across the street. It is long enough for a morning run and a beach walk. The beach is clean and very relaxing. I fell in love with its fine, white sand. The water is warm. As early as 10 in the morning, tourists  started to flock the area for sun bathing including extreme activities like riding the jet ski, banana boating and parasailing. Americans and Europeans mostly dominate the crowd.

Food and drink vendors are all over the place too. There is a place here where you can have a Thai massage for a reasonable price. "I don't want Tuk Tuk, massage, DVD. Thank you very much". You can hear this statement from foreigners almost everyday in Phuket. Tip: If you don't want to sound bitchy and snob, buy a shirt having this statement then just show it to the locals offering such services. Then, smile while leaving the place. 

I will never forget the beautiful sunset there. Patong Beach is indeed beautiful... one of the must-visits here in Phuket.