Conquering Fear Through Cave Connection

Conquering Fear of Total Darkness!

Yes, I survived the Cave Connection in Sagada! What a fulfilling experience to survive extreme activities like rock climbing, crawling and spelunking while wondering both the Sumaguing and Lumiang Caves for roughly around 6 hours. You read it right. Six hours because I visited Sagada last Summer where most students has time off from school.

The Cave Connection starts at the Lumiang Cave and ends at the Sumaguing Cave. Most people call Lumiang Cave as the Burial Cave because of the hanging coffins at the entrance. 

Yes, I survived the Cave Connection in Sagada!

Sumaguing Cave has the largest chambers among all caves in Sagada. It is also tagged as the Big Cave because it houses rock formations including the King's curtain and the famous Porn Caves. Both caves has incredible stalactites and stalagmites. 

Be prepared on possible dropping of bat poops as you get through the course. That's part of the thrill, isn't it? Bring gloves as some rocks are very sharp. No need for a fancy trekking shoes as you'll need to remove it as you might slip your feet from the slippers, muddy areas. Wear very comfortably -- something that can be useful to warm you up because when you get deeper, it will get colder. This was the challenge for me. I never expected that the water inside is super cold and yes, you'll pass by bodies of water.

The cave connection was the highlight of my Sagada trip. I enjoyed it as it required me to survive an extremely dangerous adventure, conquering my fear of total darkness and just entrusting my life to our tour guide. Whoa!