REVIEW: Cagbalete Island's Donya Choleng Camping Resort

Cagbalete Island, Mauban, Quezon, Philippines

Donya Choleng Camping Resort is consistently receiving good reviews online. So, I and my friends decided to spend a night here to experience what everyone is telling -- serenity and tranquility. 

Few days prior to our trip, I have been exchanging text messages with Ryan, the resort's owner. I've asked him about the place, weather, safety of the place, including accommodation rates. I confirmed our reservation the same day.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province, Philippines

Donya Choleng is the closest resort from Sabtang Port. It is approximately a 30-minute walk from the port. It has a perfect location as it is not sandwiched with other resorts. The resort has multiple accommodations that can fit any budget, from air conditioned rooms to bali/nipa huts to even tents. Entrance fee is 50 pesos.

We chose a bali hut since it is intended for three people. We paid 1,500 pesos for an overnight stay. The accommodation is pretty simple with shared rest rooms with other bali hut guests. The room, the bed is clean and it has electric fan. Be reminded that electricity is being turned off at exactly 6 PM everyday. None of us wants to take the bunk bed so we ended flipping a coin. I lost the game so I had no choice but to take the upper bed.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province, Philippines
My new friends brought up a tent so they only paid 250 pesos. Tent rental at the resort is 500 pesos.

Dona Choleng offers a spectacular sunrise and sunset spot. The sand is soft and creamy just like those in Boracay. Bonfire at the resort costs 500 pesos.

Food at the resort is pricey. However, you can request for the staff to cook your preferred food. Seafood is not always available so you need to have reservation ahead of time. Bringing food including rice cooker and electric kettle is recommended.

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province, Philippines

The resort is tied up with boat owners for port to hotel transfer and island hopping packages. Tip: Be friendly to get the cheapest rates. If you're into party with loud music, the resort isn't for you. Visit the island during off-season to avoid the hassle of being with the crowd.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay here. They have friendly staff. Food is great even though its pricey. The resort is indeed the right place to de-stress. 

Two thumbs up for Donya Choleng!

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province, Philippines

Cagbalete Island, Quezon Province, Philippines

Travel Guide To Callao Cave

Callao Cave, one of the most popular places in Cagayan, offers beautiful chambers, which are naturally ornamented with stacties; stalagmites; and stalagtites. The cave is such a peaceful place -- you can hear the tweets of the birds, echo of voices & rusting of trees. The cave is naturally cold which you will feel just after conquering the 184 steps.


From Manila, ride a bus heading to Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Bus options: Florida, Victory Liner
Travel time is around 10-12 hours
Bus fare is around Php 650-700 per person

Or, book a flight via Cebu Pacific Air heading to Tuguegarao
Travel time is around an hour or two
Non-promo air fare starts at Php 4,000 per way

Abang-abang sa promo, mga bes!

From Tuguegarao, hire a tricycle heading to Callao Cave
Tricycle fare: depende sa charming! Charot! 
Kaya, galingan sa pagtawad. Hahaha.

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines


I'm highly recommending 
Kuya RONALD,0936 378 8652
Mura na, mabait pa!☺

After Callao Cave, ask Kuya Ronald to drive you to the famous carinderia [near the Airport] for Pansit Cabagan or Pansit Batil-patong!

Ang sarap, mga bes! Mura na, dami pang serving! Heaven!!!

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines


- Pinacanauan River
- Tuguegarao Cathedral
- Horno Ruins
- St Paul University
- Cagayan Provincial Museum & Capitol
- St Jacinto Church
- Buntun Bridge
... and a lot more!

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines

Pansit Batil-Patong, Tuguegarao's most famous food

Callao Cave Resort, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines

Chicha-rabao, another must-try in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines
Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines

Callao Cave, Peńaflorida, Cagayan, Philippines

Where To Stay In Palaui Island

Hello! I went back to Palaui Island in Santa Ana, Cagayan few days ago and I have a good news for you! I've discovered a perfect place for an overnight stay (even longer!), offering serenity and an amazing view of the sunrise. If you're up for a beautiful jump shot while the sun is rising, then you better consider staying in Sunrise Palaui Homestay.

Undeniably, Sunrise Palaui is one of the most serene places I have ever been to. Food here is super delicious and healthy. Kapitana Rona Ramos Ugale (also known as Kapitana Orang), the homestay owner, is very friendly and accommodating.
Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines

Sunrise Palaui is such a beautiful place to get relaxed, to soul search or just to be at peace with nature. Imagine this: it's just you and the island. Guys, it's worth-staying here! Swear!

For reservation, please contact 0926 960 6138. The standard homestay rate in Palaui Island is Php 250 per person.

I'm highly recommending these tour guides in Palaui Island (and within Santa Ana, Cagayan). They're the best!

Ronald Urdas Cabutin | 0916 158 2259
Danilo UrdasCabutin | 0935 894 4860
Nanding Cabutin | 0947 634 0986; 0935 996 6744

Save the phone numbers and plan ahead. Tag your friends! Happy travels!☺
Sunrise in Palaui Island is super beautiful, isn't it?☺


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