I Failed As A Digital Nomad

On our first blogiversary, I've detailed all the accomplishments of Noel On The Road this past year, thanking everyone because this blog is still up and running. I even ended the post informing you, my readers, that Noel On The Road isn't just a travel blog anymore. It is a name, a brand, an identity, becoming a part of who I am and what I stand for.

However, I failed as a digital nomad. I'm going home. Very soon.

After a year, here I am, sharing my stories. True stories. Yes, I'm heading home the soonest possible time to re-strategize everything, uncovering what went wrong and to get back out there. If you're currently or aspiring to become a digital nomad, please continue reading this post. What were the mistakes I made as a digital nomad and how can you learn from them?

On my post, "On Travels, Quarter-Life Crisis & Adulting", I have admitted that I was sitting on a mountain of debt. I have warned you to slow down with your travels and start managing your finances very wisely especially when adulting hits you.

  • You need a job to sustain your travels. 
  • Don't plan too much as it narrows down your views and disposition about life.
  • If necessary, decline bar hop and shopping invites.
  • Grab new opportunities even if they're a left-turn. Don't just go straight ahead.
  • Start an online business i.e. buy and sell, t-shirt printing, etc. 
  • Manage your own expectations, keep on eye to your bills and balance your life. 
  • When you fall, get up and start again. Its never too late to start all over again. 
  • Keep moving on. You'll be a better person. 
  • There's no perfect job. You can be whoever you want to be. 
  • Travel blogging is not always fun. It is a responsibility. 
  • Choose your friends wisely. 
  • Invest to stock market and life insurance. 
  • Adulting is real. You can't get rid of it. 
  • Plan your retirement as early as now. 
  • Healthcare is a necessity. 
  • Travel with friends to share the expenses.
  • 'I quit my job to travel the world' isn't real. 
  • Sometimes, sleeping is more fun than waiting for an airfare promo during wee hours and when you're about to continue booking, airline websites encounter server issues. 
  • Everyone you meet has something to teach you. 
  • Start loving yourself for everything you already are. 
  • Attend digital nomad events, meet the experts and learn from them. 

I keep telling you to just go, travel and have fun because we're only young once. I was traveling too fast and stability is hard to come by. Slow down if necessary.

On my previous posts, I've mentioned that I have big dreams for my life. I want to create a life that I love. Anything is possible, right millennials?

Unfortunately, I'm giving up all my paid GoDaddy subscriptions, from domain, hosting to WordPress. I have decided to continue blogging on free and simple platforms like Facebook and Blogger. All my travel guides and life hacks published on noelontheroad.com will be saved and transferred to here very soon. Stay tuned.

Yes, I'm earning through my Google AdSense. However, the traffic on my previous website is continuously decreasing every month because of the following reasons:

I'm not paying anyone for my search engine optimization. Yes, you need to pay an expert, making your articles land on top searches on the Internet. You can manage your search engine optimization yourself by using a free widget but it's not always a guarantee to land on top searches due to the competition among bloggers. 

I'm still discovering my blogging and fashion stylesMy travel guides can be found on Facebook. I prefer having you, my readers, to just read my blogs there rather than clicking on a certain link, directing you to open a browser on your mobile phones or computers. I'm helping you save too! If you're on free Facebook browsing, you can always read my blogs there. You're welcome! 

The engagement of my Facebook page is really overwhelming. Last month, this travel page have reached almost half million people and has a total engagement of 2.6 million. Thank you for all the love and support. Thank you for liking, commenting and sharing my posts on your feeds. And, thank you for inviting your friends to like and follow my travel page.

I forget about my personal life. I haven't been on a date this year. I've been single for almost four years now. Managing this travel page and other social media accounts alone is not easy. I need to cool it on the travel for a bit. Of course, I am thrilled to continue what I've started and to see what lies ahead. I don't want to miss out on amazing new things.

As what I've mentioned earlier, attending digital nomad events will help you grow as a person since you will be learning from the experts. I have a good news for you! There's an upcoming digital nomad event which is happening in Bali, Indonesia in June - it's called the Running Remote Conference 2018. This event was carefully curated to teach you next-level, actionable strategies, and tactics you can utilize to manage and grow your remote team.

Experts will be discussing several topics and that it includes their best practices in hiring remote employees. This event will surely help you a lot. I can't wait for you to meet these experts while exploring the beautiful Bali, Indonesia! Buy your ticket now!

Learning is a continuous process and is dynamic. Go on with your life and keep on learning. 

Noel On The Road is always changing as am I.