It's 3 AM And Today's My Birthday

Hello. It's 3 AM, I'm lying here in my bed and today's my birthday. Yes, there will be no celebration or parties happening today here in my place. However, I'm inviting you all to celebrate my birthday online by supporting these two significant, awesome campaigns I have launched.

Together We Share I
Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines

This is an outreach program helping an Aeta Community in Santa Ana, Cagayan. On December, we're heading back here to distribute books, groceries, school supplies, flashlights, medicines and slippers. We are also aiming to provide basic hygiene needs, garbage bags and other cleaning paraphernalia. Your contribution will spell a big difference in the lives of the Aeta children and their families, helping them achieve a healthy and safe environment.

Malay natin, baka isa sa kanila maging nurse, doctor, guro, sundalo or maging presidente ng Pilipinas in the future.
Getting inked by Apo Whang Od
Buscalan Village, Kalinga, Philippines

We, the netizens have been lobbying Apo Whang Od to be one of the National Living Treasures since 2015. Until now, Apo Whang Od haven't received any recognition. I believe that now is the right time to have her recognized.
The petition will be delivered to President Rodrigo Duterte. Please sign the petition, tag your friends and don't forget to share.
Together We Share I
Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines
I am thrilled to continue what I've started and to see what lies ahead. Of course, I don't want to miss out on amazing new things. Make your time more precious by inspiring other people. If you're at home and couldn't travel for now, use your internet, think of something inspiring and awesome today. Let life show you what opportunities were waiting for you somewhere on the road.
Manage your own expectations and balance your life. You can't be perfect in everything. Please don't let fear or insecurity stop you from trying new things. Believe in yourself. Do what you love! Besides, we're only young once -- so travel, inspire people and just have fun!

Together We Share I
Santa Ana, Cagayan, Philippines


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