You Are Beautiful

To set yourself free means that you are opening yourself to a world of criticism and you have to be prepared for that.

Putting on makeup to make yourself look like someone else may be your thing but it will not completely mask the deeper issue. Feelings of deficiency, unworthiness will never be smeared away by a blush brush. True freedom is rooted in confidence: real, solid, unshakable confidence can never be reduced nor taken away.

Recognizing the fact that you are not required to wear makeup gives you two kinds of liberty: freedom to wake up and go out, zits and all; freedom to put on as much eye shadows as you please.

Believe that even without makeup, you are good enough.

Believe that you are beautiful in your own right. Whatever your skin color you have, however thick or thin or long or short your hair may be, however flat or sharp your nose is, whatever shape your eyes or lips are, you are beautiful.