Quezon Province: The Perfect Place For Peace & Tranquility

The Tent, the Surf Board and the Pacific Ocean

Quezon is one of the most exciting provinces I have ever visited. It is one the largest provinces in the Philippines having 39 municipalities and two independent cities. Quezon is located southeast of Metro Manila and is named after Manuel L. Quezon, the Philippines' second president.

Aside from being a first class municipality, Real is one of the most visited places in Quezon. Conveniently, it is 2-3 hours away from Metro Manila. While on your way to Real, you'll pass by the picturesque Laguna Lake and the scenic Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges. Beautiful, right?

Real, Quezon is known for having safe campgrounds which are covered in soft, greenly grass and are shaded by trees. It is the perfect place to unwind and to finally have that peace of mind you've been wanting to achieve. I can attest to that now.

Few years back, I was at the stage of my life where I kept asking myself if I'm on the right path or I was taking the right job and the likes. Then, I met new friends who were very outdoorsy and always on the go. In a way, that changed my perspective about life. Yes, I was taking life very seriously. Poor boy.

One of my friends invited me to join them on their weekend getaway at the PaRK. Since, I have nothing planned for that weekend, I immediately agreed to him. After all, I wanted to de-stress. Then, before sun set, I met new friends. Lucky me!

The Pacific Recreation Kamp, also known as The PaRK, is the quickest remedy for a beach getaway when budget is really tight. It is suitable for day trippers and to those who wants to stay for a day or two. Think about camping and surfing in one place. Amazing, right?

Aside from camping, other activities include white water rafting and surfing. I tried surfing but I wasn't that successful so, I ended up cheering friends. By the way, Real lies on the eastern coast and faces the Pacific Ocean. At certain months of the year, swell rises to tremendous heights which are perfect for surfing.

The Calming Sound Of The Waves

Just like you, I'm also aiming to have that peace of mind and serenity. I've been craving for this for so long! Heading to an island is one of the best ways to achieve these. Go away and take that ultimate break from the hurly burly of the city life. After all, we're only young once. So, travel and have fun.

Quezon Province is known for beautiful, white beaches. These beaches are waiting to be discovered. Contrary to other beaches that offers all those loud and crazy night life, beaches in Quezon offers unforgettable experience. Think about those couple of birds singing, the relaxing voice of the nature and those calming sound of the waves! Enticing, right?

I joined a new set of friends this time. I met them while on the way to Infanta. They were very friendly so I get along with them very easily. This time, imagine a beautiful place with the right and happy people. Priceless!

Please do not leave Quezon without enjoying their famous Lucban Longganisa which is common to most places in Quezon. If you love salty and garlic flavored food, then you'll love this local food.

By the way, Quezon doesn't have pronounced dry season, so everyone is encouraged to visit the place. If you're thinking of joining the locals on their famous Pahiyas Festival, then head to Quezon on May.

Baluti: Beautiful, Untouched Island

Quezon Province is known for beautiful, untouched, unspoiled and unexploited beaches. Imagine this: no frills, no beach vendors, no big establishments, and no loud parties, just unforgettable memories.

Boasting a great beach forest and a beautiful coastline, Baluti Island is one of the most beautiful places in Quezon Province. I noticed that searching this island on Google doesn't show much information and photos about it. I guess, this is a good sign, right? This simply means that Baluti Island is unspoiled and non-commercialized yet.

General Nakar is named in homage to the late Guillermo P. Nakar. Aside from its extensive coastline, this town has rugged and mountainous terrain which is perfect for trekking, hiking, and other related activities. This town is also known having relatively rich in different flora and fauna. General Nakar is considered a first class municipality. It is also considered the biggest municipality in Quezon province.

By the way, electricity is limited to some areas. Phone signal there is really disappointing but there are areas though that has strong signal.

Have you been here?☺