REVIEW: Siquijor Island's U Story Guesthouse

If you're on travel and is up for the best local cuisine, you better talk to locals. These locals know where the best restaurant is located and they can even suggest and direct you to places not included to your itinerary. This works for me most of the time.

Siquijor Island, Philippines

After the Palm Sunday feast, at around 8 AM, I and my friends decided to visit the 400-year old Balete tree (ficus elastica). Nothing creepy and spooky here. Trust me.

We were on our way back to Coco Grove when our tricycle driver recommended a place for our late lunch. He brought us to a very beautiful, relaxing U-Story Guesthouse.

Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan

U-Story is surprisingly beautiful. I appreciate the details given on each bungalow. The place is enchanting with Balenese decorations. Flowers are all over the place. According to one of their staff, at night, fireflies lights up the place. This maybe because of the trees and flowers in the garden.

Views here are absolutely beautiful!

U-Story, also known as Universal Story, is a testament of love -- of two different personality, race, and orientation. It is a love story of a former Coco Grove bartender and a french tourist. It was love at first sight, according to their staff. 

The place is very clean and the staff are very friendly. They speak English fluently. No wifi so just enjoy the books, the food and the breathtaking views. They serve delicious food at reasonable price. The ambiance is very relaxing and homey. This is one of the most serene places I've been to. 

If you're traveling to Siquijor Island, make sure you visit this surprisingly beautiful restaurant, alright? 

You will never forget this place. Swear.