Ten Things To Know About Tarsiers

Bohol, Philippines 👌

Tarsier is unique type of primate inhabiting the southern and eastern parts of Asia like Malaysia, Indonesia and Bohol, Philippines. Tarsier are divided in three groups, according to their geographic location: Western Tarsiers, Eastern Tarsiers and Philippine Tarsiers. 
  • Tarsiers are the sweetest animals on earth, measuring about 10-15 cm for 45 million years.
  • They are primates.
  • They can pivot their head up to 180°.
  • They sleep during the day but are very active at night.
  • They can jump distances up to 40 times their body length. 
  • They eat insects.
  • Each tarsier needs 1 hectares of land for a living.
  • Their gestation lasts for 6 months.
  • When under stress (mainly due to humans trying to wake them up or touch them), they can commit suicide.
  • Around 700 tarsiers exist here in the Philippines. However, many of the different Tarsier species are either listed as being endangered or vulnerable.