The Golden Sun Behind The Cordillera Mountains

Imagine this: The golden sun is rising behind the mountains of Cordillera over the horizons of sea of clouds and is slowly revealing the beautiful rice terraces in Sagada. Worth-seeing, right?

Kiltepan Peak, Sagada, Mountain Province, Philippines

That's what the Kiltepan Sunrise is all about. Tourists wake up early in the morning and trek for few minutes until they reach the Kiltepan Sunrise View Deck. From there, they wait for the golden sun to rise until they witness a beautiful blessing from above. What an amazing view! Please note that not everyday is a lucky day in Sagada. Weather is unpredictable there.

Kiltepan is located at the eastern part of Sagada. Its a three and a half kilometers away from the town center. This place is also known as the Kiltepan Peak being the highest point in the village.

Kiltepan Sunrise became popular because of the Filipino film, That Thing Called Tadhana where the lead stars released their emotions while mending a broken heart by shouting out it loud.