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Noel On The Road's Tour Guide Recommendation

I've been traveling solo for years now and most of the time, I entrust my life to my tour guides especially when I'm challenging myself to a slightly dangerous, neck-tingling activity. Getting a tour guide to a specific destination is so easy. You can simply search online. However, meeting someone who is friendly, professional and trustworthy isn't that easy. I'm sure you've heard stories of tourists being robbed my several tour guides from certain destinations, right?

Worry no more coz here's the list of my favorite tour guides in the Philippines. The list isn't that long as I decided not to include those who did not met my expectations. Of course, I'm only recommending those who are selfless, passionate, trustworthy, friendly, professional and someone who provides an excellent service.

Save this post as it will be updated as I complete my journey to the 81 provinces here in the Philippines this year.
  • BATANES: Kuya Renz, 0927 514 4646
  • BISLIG, SURIGAO DEL SUR: Kuya Rommel Timbongan, 0919 658 0570
  • CAMOTES ISLAND, CEBU: Kuya Zaki Formentera; 0930 387 8589
  • HINATUAN, SURIGAO DEL SUR: Kuya Junjun, 0946 124 7902
  • PALAUI ISLAND, SANTA ANA, CAGAYAN: Danny Cabutin, 0935 894 4860; Nanding Cabutin, 0947 634 0986; and Ronald Urdas Cabutin, 0916 158 2259
  • LAKE SEBU, SOUTH COTABATO: Jorie Sabal, 0905 824 0725
  • MT MARAMI, MARAGONDON, CAVITE: Kuya Epoy, 0975 516 5486
  • CEBU CITY, CEBU: Kuya Dran, 0926 009 9632
  • TUGUEGARAO CITY, CAGAYAN: Kuya Rommel, 0936 378 8652; 0916 860 4820
  • SAGADA, MOUNTAIN PROVINCE: Kuya Omz, 0908 202 7274

Please deal with them very nicely. Just like us, they also work very hard for their families. They even extend their time just to assist you, providing you an excellent service. So, please be patient, understanding and generous as much as possible.

Save these phone numbers and plan ahead. Tag your friends!☺