Where To Stay In Palaui Island

Hello! I went back to Palaui Island in Santa Ana, Cagayan few days ago and I have a good news for you! I've discovered a perfect place for an overnight stay (even longer!), offering serenity and an amazing view of the sunrise. If you're up for a beautiful jump shot while the sun is rising, then you better consider staying in Sunrise Palaui Homestay.

Undeniably, Sunrise Palaui is one of the most serene places I have ever been to. Food here is super delicious and healthy. Kapitana Rona Ramos Ugale (also known as Kapitana Orang), the homestay owner, is very friendly and accommodating.

Sunrise Palaui is such a beautiful place to get relaxed, to soul search or just to be at peace with nature. Imagine this: it's just you and the island. Guys, it's worth-staying here! Swear! For reservation, please contact 0926 960 6138. The standard homestay rate in Palaui Island is Php 250 per person.

I'm highly recommending these tour guides in Palaui Island (and within Santa Ana, Cagayan). They're the best!
Save the phone numbers and plan ahead. Tag your friends! Happy travels!☺