My Father's Last Letter Before He Passed Away

I woke up Sunday morning with tears streaming down my face. I must have been dreaming about sad things. Honestly, I was emotionally down for the past few days  and it all started after downloading my father's last letter. I didn't know that the photo I captured in 2015 was saved automatically to my Dropbox. 

I couldn't stop crying while reading his letter, thanking God for his life. I had the best father anybody could ask for. Such a brilliant mind to come up with this letter, with all the computations on how many years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds he lived in. He was too humble, appreciative and thankful. And, I thank God, everyday, for giving me a father like him. I wouldn't be who I am today without my loving father.

My Father. My Hero.

By the way, his letter was hand written in Iluko. Let me try my best to translate it in English.
1925 - FEBRUARY 14 - 2015 
I offer this day to God. I thanked Him for his greatest love since the day I was born until now. He safeguard me from the tests and trials, from chaos and illness and most especially during the First World War. 
He gave me 90 years; 1,080 months; thousands of weeks and days; hundred of thousands of hours; thousands of minutes and seconds.  
God gave me all these and I have nothing in return. One thing that I can promise -- to continue respecting and praising Him until my last breath. 
So, help me God. 
RLS (Ramon Lima Soriano)
My Father's Last Letter.

On February 14, he will be turning 93. He was gone at the age of 91. Yes, my father passed away in 2016 while I was too far away from him. I was at work that night, talking to a QuickBooks customer, when I received a message from my sister. I thought they were just making fun of me. Unfortunately, the bad news was real and I couldn't do anything but to let go.

My Facebook post dated March 09, 2016.

... and he was gone... for now, though I felt that surely we would meet again sometime. Tatang, you will be missed. You will always be the best father in this world. Rest in peace, Tatang. I'm coming home in few hours...


Letting go isn't about having the courage to release the past. It is about having the wisdom to embrace the present. No one expects death. It is always a surprise. We are never ready. And, it is never the right time. Yes, death is inevitable end to all life. However, you can stop the sadness and really, truly appreciate life and the people that we love and care about. Life is too short to waste on negativity. Take deep breaths and let it out. 

Life is too precious, too short and too unpredictable to waste a single moment. If you're sitting besides your parents or to anyone you love, kindly hug them for me please? Thank you.
I've been roaming around, traveling to places for years now just get away with the pain... I'm missing you so bad, Tatang. I shouldn't be waiting for the storm to pass, right? Time to learn how to dance in the rain. Pain is real. I'll be alright.