Noel On The Road Meets James Bond In An Island

I've never heard about the movie 'Man with a Golden Gun', (I'm still young, yahoo!) however, Phuket fascinated me with its beautiful islands including the famous James Bond Island.

There are four James Bond Island tours to choose from: through a Long-tail Boat, Cruise Boat, Speed Boat, and Junk Boat. The most recommended tours among tourists are the Long-tail and Cruise Boating. I and my friends chose the Cruise Boat tour where we paid 1100 THB each. The travel agency gave us a 100 THB off the regular price since we are Asians (Lucky us!).

James Bond Island, Thailand

The Cruise Boat package, also known as the Big Boat, includes canoeing at the Bat Cave and Hong lagoon. According to our tour guide, these are the best canoeing sites in Phang Nga Bay. If you're worried about your gadgets like cameras and smart phones on getting wet, worry no more coz the guide offers zippered barrel bags. If you're going to use it once, I recommend to just rent it.

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The Bat cave is really beautiful and is smelly because of bat poops. You're not allowed to touch the rock formations there. After canoeing for few minutes, the tour guide asked everyone to go back to the big boat as we're heading to James Bond Island. 

While heading to James Bond Island, our tour guide started a chime. He requested everyone to clap continuously. After few seconds, eagles started to appear, following our boat. The louder the clap, the more eagles to see. Amazing!

To reach the James Bond Island, we were transferred to a traditional Thai boat. The island is beautiful including the rock formations. However, its too crowded. Souvenir shops are all over the place. Rest rooms should be kept clean. 

We had our lunch while heading to Naka Island. Seafood, fried chicken, and steamed vegetables were served. There were dishes served which are dedicated to Muslim tourists. I had a great time swimming in Naka island. The water is cold and really refreshing.

Overall, Phuket is one of the most beautiful places I have visited and I will surely come back here!