On Travels, Quarter-Life Crisis & Adulting

Just like you, I'm always on the look out for fun things to do. Travel guarantees you freedom. Kaya naman, go lang ako ng go. Kaladkarin. If you've been reading this blog for months now, you know that I keep telling you to just go -- travel the world because we're only young once. However, these past few weeks, I was sitting on a mountain of debt. When adulting hits you, temporarily stop your addiction to travel and start managing your finances very, very wisely.

Yes, I quit my corporate job to travel around. I was so proud leaving my job because finally, I can do what makes me happy. I even blogged about it. After six months being on the road, here I am, confessing that I was terrible at managing my expenses. Honestly, I don't have enough savings to sustain my travels. I was merely relying on my sponsored trips and the not-so stable earnings I'm getting through this website.

I had a hard time paying my bills for the past few months. I even experienced being shamed on social media. But, that's alright. That was a reminder to continue keeping a positive mind to the tests and trials coming on my way. Getting there isn't that easy. I'm aware of that.

To continue with my travels, I decided to try new things -- discovering new skills and pushing myself again. I'm so happy to announce that I've started learning online courses to better my craft especially on social media.

To my friends, who received my private messages, asking for help -- thank you for understanding and for listening to my stories. I appreciate all the love and support.

Truly, I'm so blessed having all of you.

  • You need a job to sustain your travels.
  • Don't plan too much as it narrows down your views and disposition about life.
  • If necessary, decline bar hop and shopping invites.
  • Grab new opportunities even if they're a left-turn. Don't just go straight ahead. 
  • Start an online business i.e. buy and sell, t-shirt printing, etc.
  • Manage your own expectations, keep on eye to your bills and balance your life.
  • When you fall, get up and start again. Its never too late to start all over again.
  • Keep moving on. You'll be a better person.
  • There's no perfect job. You can be whoever you want to be.
  • Travel blogging is not always fun. It is a responsibility. 
  • Choose your friends wisely.
  • Invest to stock market and life insurance.
  • Adulting is real. You can't get rid of it. 
  • Plan your retirement as early as now.
  • Healthcare is a necessity. 
  • Travel with friends to share the expenses.
  • 'I quit my job to travel the world' isn't real.
  • Sometimes, sleeping is more fun than waiting for an airfare promo during wee hours and when you're about to continue booking, airline websites encounter server issues.
  • Everyone you meet has something to teach you.
  • Start loving yourself for everything you already are.