The Hundred Islands: A Unique Piece Of Nature


The Hundred Islands National Park, located in Alaminos City, Pangasinan, consists of 123  beautiful separate islets. In case you missed it, there are 124 islets here but one gets submerged in water during high tide. These mushroom-like islets are considered the most magnificent natural geological formations here in the Philippines. The Hundred Islands are about two million years of age and are dispersed along the Lingayen Gulf with a total land area of 1,844 hectares or 18.44 square kilometers.
To date, there are three islets that have been developed for tourists, namely: the Governor Island, Quezon Island and the famous Children's Island.
The Hundred Islands National Park, Alaminos, Pangasinan
QUEZON ISLAND -- Named after the late President Manuel L. Quezon, the Quezon Island is considered the most advanced, developed and undeniably, the most visited island at the national park. This island is composed of three islets. Because of its shallow shores and structured camping grounds, this island is the most family-friendly among the top three islands.  Dining and grilling areas are all over the place so tourists can cook and eat their own food. However, the island also houses several stores where you can buy food and snacks. The island has a snorkeling area roughly 300 meters away from the island. You can rent snorkeling gears for only Php 200. By the way, the former president has a statue in one of the islets. 

GOVERNOR ISLAND -- The Governor Island, the biggest island among the three main islands, is known being the shooting area for the reality TV show, Pinoy Big Brother aired in ABS-CBN. It is noted that this is the only island offering an overnight stay for Php 5000 per night. Travel with your friends to split the expenses. Alternatively, you can bring your tents and camp out on the beach. Picnic tables are all over the place too. This island offers the most breathtaking views especially if you're at the peak. 
You can escape the crowd by heading to the Virgin Island which is located just across the Governor's Island. Helmet diving is a must-try here! Helmet diving costs Php 300 for every 30 minutes.

CHILDREN'S ISLAND -- The Children's Island isn't just for the kids! You can enjoy swimming here coz the beach is very calm and relaxing. Also, there are floating cabanas and cottages for rent here.

PILGRIMAGE ISLAND -- The Pilgrimage Island is one of the newest destinations at the national park. Views here are incredibly beautiful. The flowers here just started to bloom, making every photo an Instagram worthy. 

If you're staying longer at the national park, you may visit the following islands: Century Island; Lopez Island; New Scout Island; Marcos Island; Clave Island; Old Scout Island; Martha and Ramos Islands; Cuenco Island; Romulo Island; Devil Island, also known as the Cagao Island; Cathedral Island; Guiya Island; Bangar Island; Turtle Island; Bragabza Island; Hernandez Island; Abad Santos Island; Sulpot Island; Cariaz Island; Monkey Island; Sison Island; Shell Island; and the Camantiles Island.
To get to the Hundred Islands National Park from Manila, ride a bus heading to Dagupan or Alaminos City. Travel time is around 4 hours and fare is around Php 400 to Php 450. Victory Liner has daily trips to Alaminos City.
Once you reached Alaminos, head to the Lucap Terminal which is located in front of SUKI supermarkets. Tricycle fare to the Lucap Wharf is around Php 15. 


Boulevard Street, Alaminos City

Lucap Road, Brgy Lucap, Teachers Village, Alaminos City

Lucap Road, Brgy Lucap, Alaminos City

  • Entrance Fees: Php 30; free for 5 years old below; 20% off for senior citizens/PWD
  • Environmental Fee: Php 40 for a day tour; Php 80 for an overnight stay
  • Insurace Fee: Php 10 per person
  • Rentals for snorkeling gears and googles: Php 200
  • Motorboat Rental: SMALL (maximum of 5 pax): Php 1,400 for day tour; Php 3,000/overnight
  • MEDIUM (maximum of 10 pax): Php 1,800/day tour; Php 3,800/overnight
  • LARGE (maximum of 15 pax): Php 2,000/day tour; Php 4,500/overnight
  • Please be reminded that rates are subject to change without prior notice
  • Camping Fee: Php 200
  • Tent Rental: Php 400
  • Cottage Rental with rooms or open cottage: Php 500
  • Kayaks Rental: Php 250 per hour; Php 750 whole day and it can be shared by two persons
  • Comfort Room: Php 5
  • Rates are as of February 05, 2018


Everyone, let's support the program Basura Mo, Iuwi Mo, making the Hundred Islands National Park a litter-free destination by bringing back your trash from the islands. This initiative started on October 01, 2017.

  • As an initiative of the City Government of Alaminos and pursuant to the HINP Protected Area Management Board Resolution No. 53082017 Series of 2017, Basura Mo, Iuwi Mo: Litter-Free Hundred Islands National Park is a banner program advocating responsible tourism.
  • Each group is required to deposit the prescribed bond amounting to Php 200 for 2 trash bags before proceeding to the islands. One trash bag shall be for Biodegradable and another bag for the Non-Biodegradable. Passengers of 1 boat is equal to 1 group.
  • The bond will be given back to the group coupled with a Gift Certificate corresponding to Free Entrance and Environmental Fee good for two persons worth Php 140 (Day Tour Only) upon surrender of trash from the islands to the Tourism Personnel assigned at the Lucap Wharf.
  • The use of the certificate is transferable and shall be effective on the next day onwards. 
  • If you're visiting the Hundred Islands National Park just for a day tour, you can get a voucher from Metrodeal. Voucher costs Php 649 per person.
  • The voucher includes a bottled of water, snacks and snorkeling gears.
  • If there is no voucher, you can just proceed at the Lucap Wharf, fall in line and wait for a bangka.
  • As much as possible, bring food and mineral water.
  • Expect pricey food at the main islands.
  • As much as possible, bring your own snorkeling gears as they don't really clean it. Usually, they just rinse it with water.
  • Travel at night to save a night of accommodation and to avoid the traffic and crowded bus.
  • Travel with your friends to split the expenses.
  • Best time to travel here is from December to May.
  • Watch out for snakes when visiting the caves.
  • Garbage in, garbage out policy is highly implemented here.
  • There are affordable hostels at the downtown.
  • Here's my travel itinerary for your reference. You can always modify it depending on your time frames and availability.
  • There's no electricity at the national park.
  • Cellphone signal is weak and non-existent to some areas.
  • Transact your business at the Alaminos City Tourism Office. Do not transact with fixers and boatmen.
  • Demand official receipts on payments made.
  • Upon boarding the boat, wear life vest for safety.
  • Ask assistance from island information staff to avail of the facilities, amenities, activities and services needed.
  • Wearing of life vest is required during island tours and when you avail of water sports activities.
  • Touching/stepping on corals and giant clams at Coral Garden while snorkeling is not allowed.
  • In case of emergency, do not panic, secure your belongings and report immediately to the Tourism Office for rescue.
  • In case of boat capsizing, try to float using your life vest. Do not go far from the boat. Try to climb on top of the hull, wave any item that can indicate emergency or need for rescue.
  • Bonfire or campfire is the islands is prohibited.
  • Report any lost or return found items to the assigned Island Supervisors or to the City Tourism Officer. Lost items will be returned to the respective owner.