Walking At The World Of Wonders

Sunday morning, I woke up to the sound of my Seiko alarm clock. Naturally, what first came to mind was to take a leak. So, I grabbed the doorknob and went to the bathroom, where I was greeted by a familiar sight: my American Standard bowl.

After taking a leak, I took a shower using Safeguard soap to make sure I'd be protected the whole day. After two days, only that day I have used Head and Shoulder shampoo along with a Cream Silk conditioner. To finish my morning rituals, I picked up my Reach toothbrush, put my tartar-fighting Colgate toothpaste on it and brushed my teeth.

Subic Bay Freeport, Zambales

Instead of picking up my Readers Digest copy, I opted to check first my Samsung tablet if I've got some text messages. Bingo! Received three messages, one of which was from my best friend Johnrey, asking me to roam around Trinoma. Deja vu. It seems like what was happening that day was already happened yesterday.

I received a text message from my friend Dianne, asking me to join her to Subic for her peace of mind thingy. I immediately replied agreeing to the invitation. After packing up my things, she send another message and was apologetic letting me know that she was rushed to Makati Medical Center for a urinary track infection. Good thing, she's okay now.

Abra: The Perfect Setting For A Digital Detox

I ended up that day at home reading back issues of Readers Digest. After few minutes, I fixed myself: applied a Gatsby hair wax, used Rexona deo lotion, Jergen's lotion, and my not-so familiar body spray. Checked my backpack: it has my Samsung digital camera and its charger, Natasha wallet, Green Cross sanitizing gel, hankies, cellphone and its charger, pens and a notebook, coin purse, and an extra t-shirt.

I took a jeep heading to MRT's Ayala Station and paid eight pesos. Secured a card, waited at least 10 minutes and headed to Cubao to meet my best friend. While on the way, I was thinking of Ocean Adventure in Subic. I have read some blogs through Travbuddy and this open-water marine park was already on my lists.

That time, I was already convinced that I'll be meeting the dolphins in Subic.

Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan


Duty-free shopping. That's what everyone's first thing about Subic. It offers imported goods to visitors and guests at the lowest promotional prices, say bargain prices. The other side of Subic is another story to tell the world. It has variety of activities like diving with the whales at Ocean Adventure, witnessing the talents of their sea lions, taking photos of tigers, crocodiles and other wildlife animals at Zoobic Safari.

..and more interesting adventures.

Subic Bay is a former US Navy base, closed in 1991. The bay is now the location of an industrial and commercial site known as the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. There are a few hotels, lots of roadside vendors, a few stores and a dozen or so bars, google.com says.

Subic Bay is the site of numerous shipwrecks with the majority resulting from either the Spanish-American War of 1898 or World War II. The water is very polluted and probably not safe to swim in.

The Subic Bay Freeport is located southwest of the Luzon Island in the country. The harbor is sandwiched by the Zambales Mountain Range at the east and the Subic Bay at the west and opens up to the South China Sea. It is northwest of the Bataan Peninsula and southwest of the Zambales.

Subic Bay Freeport is 110 kilometers north of Manila.

Manila Bay and the Bataan Peninsula separate it from Manila. The mountain ranges around the Subic Bay area and the deep natural harbor provide excellent and protected anchorage. In addition, these features make it naturally sheltered from typhoons as well as from the effects of the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo.

It is a two-hour trip from Manila to Subic Bay. Thanks to Genesis bus for taking us there, though we think 183 pesos per person is really cheap. Other bus companies like Victory Liner charges a bit higher than Genesis.

Olongapo City is a beautiful place and its people are so friendly. They smiles everytime they answer all your inquiries, providing you complete directions. At McDonalds, where we had our lunch, one crew said that there is a service bus owned by the Ocean Adventure for their employees every after shift, going back and forth.

Jackpot! After our lunch break, the service bus was there. If I'm not mistaken, it took us at least 30 minutes from Olongapo City to Subic Bay Freeport. But, that was not an issue at all. The fact that it's our first time there, every moment was just so priceless.


Welcome to Ocean Adventure! It is a marine theme park at the Camayan Wharf in the West Ilanin Forests, the park lies in a 12,000 square meter property with an 8,000 square meter waterside. Visitors and tourists are being entertained and at the same time educated about the diversity and the importance of taking care of our marine ecology, so with Mother Earth.

Ocean Adventure is Southeast Asia's only open-water marine park.

You can enjoy the whales, dolphins, sea lions, rescued forest animals, and a host of fish and sea creatures in a variety of exciting and intimate ways. Ocean Adventure has covered walkways, sheltered stadiums like the El Capitan Theater for the Dolphin Friends Show, and other indoor facilities making your adventure unforgettable, rain or shine.

We paid 500 pesos each for the said adventure. I call it as, walking at the world of wonders. 

Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show

At Nautilus Theater, you can meet the South American sea lions. This delightful show convinces you to become a member of the Sea Lion Marine Patrol. It is perfect for all ages.

The show was filled with lots of action, and a strong environmental message. In between the laughter and fun, there's a lot to be learned!

Trainor of the sea lions are good-looking and speaks English very well. They are speaking with a South American sea lion anyway. What interests me most was the three R's as the topic of the show. The sea lion has to pull the rope, as being directed by his trainer, and from the letter R comes Recycle, Reduce, and Re-use. Very informative. Two thumbs up for these sea lions!

Another highlights of the show was for volunteers from the audience to get a first hand interaction with the sea lions. The sea lion was always on a jackpot mode, having the right to kiss every female volunteer! And for male volunteers? Don't ask. They are just being asked to do what the sea lion was doing.

Think about, crawling as the worst scenario.

The sea lions entertains the visitors and guests with their witty antics and hey, they also enjoined guests to do their share in caring for the seas like throwing garbage in the right place and not on the open seas.

Walk on the Wild Side Show

Moving from sea to land and take a Walk on the Wild Side is another show you must watch. The show begins with a demonstration by the local indigenous Aetas and their amazing ability to light a fire without matches, and to create a variety of utensils from bamboo. I remembered one scenario. The demonstrator tried to crack a joke, though audience didn't get what he's trying to mean.

So, instead of cracking it again, he was then determined to light a fire. 

Walk on the Wild Side provides guests the chance to witness the forest at night, where we meet a variety of birds, bats, mammals, and reptiles. The Eco-Theater is the site for this entertaining show featuring animals from the Wildlife in Need Rescue Center. Entertainment-education is just perfect way of disseminating environmental issues to the visitors, specifically to the kids.

The Adventures of Olongapo Jones

According to www.oceanadventure.com.ph, the Adventures of Olongapo Jones is their newest show. This high energy show follows Olongapo Jones and his Eco-Rangers, Pawee and Leila, as they track down the Bouncing Basura Boys, a gang of eco-bandits who leave a trail of cut down trees and discarded trash in their wake.

Featuring the Ocean Adventure mascots and high flying trampoline acrobats, the Adventures of Olongapo Jones is non-stop action, humor, and excitement that guests of all ages are sure to enjoy. Learning while having fun is the best way to deliver environmental education, and that makes this show a perfect addition to our popular school programs.

Dolphin Friends Show

Learn about these fascinating animals, while being thrilled by their grace, agility, power, and intelligence, as the demonstrator says. This presentation is packed with action, smiles, interesting information, and an important conservation message.

We watched the Dolphin Friends Show at the El Capitan Theater which amused us so much that we can’t afford not to have our pictures taken with them.

My camera was just on a zoom mode then. I have captured some good photos of them and I'm proud of it. Indeed, they are stress-busters!

There is also the discovery aquarium showcasing sea creatures in their various habitats as well as a learning center where children get to have an in-depth learning experience on marine mammals and marine conservation. We never had any journey at the Zoobic Safari, which I heard, has land creatures ranging from the friendly camels and the different breeds of swine to the ferocious tigers. With this, I shall return, Subic!

The half day experience at the Ocean Adventure enriched my awareness to global warning, loving and taking good care of our dearly Mother Earth. Call it a day!

We again took the service bus going back to Olongapo City, then had our dinner at Mang Inasal. We roamed around the city. After several minutes, we took a tricycle, paid 20 pesos and booked our trip back to Manila.

I love you, Subic!


This blog was first published on Mach 27, 2011 on my Travbuddy account.