2018 Summer Destinations In The Philippines

Whether you like it or not, the school holiday is fast-approaching and finally, summer's definitely back! Although the dry season starts in late November and ends in May, most of us think that it is always summer here in the Philippines. During this time of the year, the sky is at its bluest and the water at its clearest, making every photo an Instagram-worthy.

Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

On Twitter, the Department of Tourism released five travel tips, wishing everyone safe travels and happy trails this summer.
  • Make sure your car is road-worthy before any trip. Keep in mind the acronym, BLOWBAG.
    • Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Brakes, Air, and Gas
  • Dress comfortably for the weather and appropriately for the destination. Remember that some establishments or attractions might not allow certain types of clothing.
  • Always bring identification, preferably government-issued IDs. This includes passport, driver's license, senior citizen's ID, SSS ID and others.
  • Stay hydrated by bringing a water bottle with you. The month of May is one of the hottest in the Philippines, averaging 28.3 degree Celsius. A hat or umbrella could also help keep the sun at bay!
  • Book with DOT-accredited establishments to avoid bogus tour packages. 
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Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan
Alaminos City, Pangasinan
Saud Beach, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte
Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur
Caramoan Island, Camarines Sur
Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte
Sabtang Island, Batanes

Siquijor Island, Siquijor
Binurong Point, Baras, Catanduanes
Taggat Lagoon, Claveria, Cagayan

Ilocos Norte Offers Free Summer Tours This Holy Week

Good news! The Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte is offering free summer tours this Holy Week starting from March 29, Maunday Thursday to March 31, Black Saturday.

On March 29, the tour will head to southbound, visiting the Malacañang of the North, Paoay Lake, Paoay Sand Dunes, Paoay Church, Paseo de Paoay, Fem Presidential Center, La Virgen Milarosa Shrine and La Milagrosa Chapel.

The Bangui Windmills

Tourists will head northbound on March 30, Good Friday. Places to visit includes 
the Baccarra Church and Museum, Pasquin Mangrove, the Burgos Lighthouse, Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, Burgos Plaza, Bangui Windmills and Saud Beach.

On Black Saturday, March 31, the guests will head to eastbound visiting the Solsona-Apayao Scenic Mountain Drive, Nueva Era Eco-Cultural Park, Dingras Plaza and Escoda Shrine and the Sarrat Heritage Walk. All tours will end in Laoag City, the province' capital.

For reservations and more information, please call the Provincial Tourism Office at 0949 628 2942. 

Fanboying Maris, Iñigo and Jane

To stand out among the numerous wannabes in show business today, a talent should have that persistence, passion, and dedication to improving one's craft and talent. It's not enough anymore to have a beautiful face and flawless skin to succeed in showbiz. The competition is tough and it's hard to get noticed.

I know few young talents who knows this all too well. And yes, I'm ready to enter into a heated 30 minute debate on Twitter anytime a hater talks about  my lodis Maris Racaligo Pascual and Jane Oineza.

IMAGE facebook.com/iminigopascualofficial

Maris, igo and Jane keeps on inspiring the teens today. They had been consistent trends on social media especially on Twitter. In fact, I'm receiving so many notifications from fans and supporters, asking them to be featured here. Noel On The Road is a travel blog featuring tourist destinations, hotel and restaurant reviews, life  hacks and other travel-related contents. However, I can't deny it that I'm fanboying these three young talents. They're too cute, inspiring and powerful not to feature here. 

IMAGE facebook.com/iminigopascualofficial

Believe me. There's nothing wrong about fanboying or fangirling. This simply mean that you have something to love, something to occupy your time, something to be joyful about and something to inspire you become the best version of yourself. You are being inspired because of these celebrities. Fanboying or fangirling allows you to let go all of the excitement, sadness, anger, what ever it is. It's actually very healthy as you go through so many emotions, teaching you how to deal with them. Awesome, right?

When you fanboy or fangirl, you become so obsessed with shipping your fandom. And, eventually you start shipping everyone -- your Math teacher, the pizza delivery boy, including the tourism ambassadors (ayun, pasok sa travel! Hahaha). Fangirling and fanboying allows you to meet new friends online. This is such a good way to lessen the dullness when you're bored. And, your new friends motivate you in all that you do. They motivate you in a very nice manner boosting your confidence.

IMAGE facebook.com/MarisRacalOfficialPage

I don't care if I'm in public flailing my arms around and dancing every time I hear Maris and igo's songs playing. My giant smile appears on my face when I see their ad for a movie, on television, even on billboards. Again, I don't care if I'm in public. Who cares?!

Honestly, I have a serious obsession with their fandoms and I can't stop reading so many tweets coming from Mariestellers, MarNigos, Team Jane Oineza, Joshane, Loveties and a lot more. I just love reading appreciation tweets and replies. You guys are the sweetest!

IMAGE facebook.com/MarisRacalOfficialPage

Admit it. You guys love taking selfies. And, in order to perfect that selfie, you go to their Instagram accounts and check out how they did it. Then, you snap, edit and post right away. Again, there's nothing wrong about being a fanboy or a fangirl as long as you're on the right track. Meaning, if you're a student, always attend your classes and prove the haters that you too can handle stress and pressure, just like Maris, Iñigo and Jane. 

IMAGE facebook.com/JaneOinezaPage

Let's all continue trending our lodis on social media until they play their dream roles and getting so many projects to put them on top. I know, they're almost there. We just have to continue supporting them... until the end. Continue wearing your fanboying or fangirling badge loud and proud!

IMAGE facebook.com/iminigopascualofficial

IMAGE facebook.com/JaneOinezaPage

IMAGE www.showbiznest.com

Lots for Sale in Siargao Island

In partnership with Condo House Property Inc., Noel On The Road provides you the updated list of beach front, residential and commercial lots for sale in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte.

Siargao Island is becoming the top tourist destination here in the Philippines. It is regarded as the country's surfing capital with a land area of approximately 437 square kilometers. Siargao Island is like a scene from a high-end, luxury movie. Such a paradise, isn't it? Siargao is also known having the largest mangrove forest reserves in Mindanao. 

IMAGE siargaobleu.com.ph


1.) Lot Area: 7,462 square meters - P8K/sqm.

Cloud 9 near Luxe Resort 
fronting Jerico Rosales & Joel Torre lots 
Tourism Road, Brgy. Catangnan 

2.) Lot Area: 347 square meters - P25M 
House and Lot-Beach Front 
Beside Siargao Bleu 
Cloud 9 - Brgy. Catangnan 

3.) Lot Area: 550 square meters - P25K/sqm 
Commercial Lot 
Cloud 9 -Tourism Road, Catangnan 

4.) Lot Area: 3,027 square meters - P25K/sqm 
Commercial Lot 
Cloud 9 - Tourism Road, Catangnan 

5.) Lot Area: 5,000 square meters - P17K/sqm 
Residential lot- 50 meters to Tourism Road 
Kabuntog, Cloud 9, Brgy. Catangnan 

6.) Lot Area: 3,952 square meters - P5K/sqm 
Beach Front Suyangan Island beside Dako Island 
Gen. Luna, Siargao 

7.) Lot Area: 5,103 square meters -P6K/sqm 
Residential lot Purok 5 Stow-away
Gen. Luna Boundary Brgy. Catangnan

8.) Lot Area: 16,221 square meters - P4K/sqm 
6,119 square meters 
Beach front near Surfin Site and future Golf Course 
Dako Island, Gen. Luna 

9.) Lot Area: 1,200 square meters -P10K/sqm 
Commercial / Residential lot Purok 1
National Hiway, Gen. Luna 

10.) Lot Area: 209 square meters - P20M 
House and lot
Beach Front fronting Piolo Pascual property 
Purok 1, Gen. Luna 

11.) Lot Area: 11,544 square meters - P12K/sqm 
1,565 square meters 
Commercial lot beside Siargao Bleu lots 
Purok 5- National Hiway, Gen. Luna 

12.) Lot Area: 12,669 square meters - P7K/sqm 
Residential Lot 200mts to Cloud 9
Catangnan with existing Road 

13.) Lot Area: 3,000 square meters - P25K/sqm 
Beach front and Commercial Tourism Road
Cloud 9-Catangnan 

14.) Lot Area: 500 square meters - P25K/sqm
Beach Front 
Cloud 9-Catangnan 

15.) Lot Area: 250 square meters - P25k/sqm 
Commercial Lot Tourism Road
Cloud 9, Catangnan 

16.) Lot Area: 108 square meters - P25k/sqm 
Commercial Lot Tourism Road
Cloud 9, Catangnan 

17.) Lot Area: 8,227 square meters -P 6K/sqm 
Purok 4- Town Proper, Gen. Luna 

18.) Lot Area: 2,502 square meters - P5K/sqm 
Purok 1-National Hiway, Gen. Luna 

19.) Lot Area: 187 square meters -P20K/sqm 
450square meters 
Commercial/Residential Lots with own private road 
10 meters to Tourism Road Purok 3-Gen. Luna 

20.) Lot Area: 9,567 square meters - P15K/sqm 
Commercial Lot Tourism Road
Cloud 9, Catangnan few meters to Surfing Site 

21.) Lot Area: 12,272 square meters - P4K/sqm
Beach Front Brgy. Libertad
Gen. Luna Bridges and roads under construction 
300 meters to bridge under construction in Tourism Road, Catangnan 

22.) 4,302 square meters - P10K/sqm 
Residential Lot
few meters to Tourism Road right of way Fronting Davis Restaurant 
Cloud 9, Brgy.Catangnan 

23.) Lot Area: 17,000 square meters - P 10K/sqm 
Provincial Road
Brgy. Malinao Gen. Luna Fronting lots of PAGCOR and Ayala 

24.) Lot Area: 12,000 square meters - P15K/sqm 
Beach front Malinao, Gen.Luna

Interested? Kindly send an email to iammeanttotraveltheworld@yahoo.com and please include the following information: Name, Contact Details, and Lot Information (choose from the choices above; or simply copy the details and include it on your email). You can also include your availability to view the lot you're interested to. Thank you!


  • Siargao Island is known having crystal clear water, tidal pools, and its surfing scene, Cloud 9
  • Siargao Island attracts surfers all-year round
  • Siargao Island is composed of 9 municipalities
  • Siargao Island is 800 kilometers southeast of Manila
  • Skyjet and Cebu Pacific has direct flights to Sayak Airport, Siargao Island
  • Sayak Airport is approximately 45 minutes away from General Luna
  • Siargao Island is just 45 minutes from Cebu by plane
  • Surfing Photographer John Callahan first featured Siargao Island in the 1990s; making it popular around the world
  • Habal-habal and tricycles are the most common mode of transportation in Siargao Island
  • Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Island Hopping and Surfing are the top activities here
  • Some beach resorts and restaurants accept credit card payments
  • ATMs are mostly located in Dapa; however, most of the time they do not work with foreign ATM and credit cards
  • July to November are the best months to go surfing in Siargao Island
  • Naked Island, Guyam Island, Daku Island, Sugba Lagoon, Magpupungko Beach and Natural Infinity Pools, and Taktak Falls are the most visited tourist destinations in Siargao Island
  • Seafood is guaranteed fresh and cheap at the market early in the morning
  • Siargao Island has this laid back and backpacker feel
  • French, Mexican and Filipino restaurants are all over the place
  • You can pitch a tent somewhere and stargaze
  • Jacking Horse is the perfect spot for a romantic sunset in Siargao

Disclaimer: This is a paid partnership with Condo House Property Inc.

Money-Saving Tricks to Batanes

Geographically, Batanes Islands are almost as close to Taiwan as they are to Luzon. One interesting facts: when turning on the radio, you'll be tuned in to a Taiwanese radio station loud and clear comparing to the local radio stations from nearby provinces where you get stuttering, buffering and really terrible connections.

Batanes, the northernmost island in the Philippines, is composed of ten tiny islands, offering craggy cliffs, emerald hills and legion of cows and goats. However, these islands are sparsely populated and are subject to frequent typhoons. The three largest islands namely Batan, Itbayat and Sabtang are the only inhabited islands.

Weather in Batanes is really unpredictable. According to our tour guide, February is the coldest month there. Batanes is also considered as the reference point for all the typhoons entering the Philippines.

Biking is the best way to discover the beautiful islands of Batanes. You can leave your things anywhere you want as Batanes is known for zero crime rate. Yes, you read it right.

Traveling to Batanes is relatively costly. The air fare could fly you out to a certain Asian country. However, here are some of the money-saving tricks you should know.

  • Attend travel fairs. Travel fair is one the perfect venues to book the cheapest flight a backpacker would ever imagined. Remember, the early bird gets the worm!
  • Testing the '90-Day prior to flight seat sale'. According to a certain blog, when you book a flight 90 days before your flight, you can get the best deal ever. Usually, airlines already completed their seats inventory and if they found out that there are many seats available, they will desperately sell these available tickets.
  • Keep checking the SkyJet Airlines and Philippine Airlines' websites. You might be as lucky as the backpacker I've met in Batanes who paid Php 300 for her airfare. That's not a joke!
  • Travel with your family and friends to share the expenses. Luckily, Amboy Hometel Batanes [Official Fanpage] sent me a copy of their package tours. Yes, these tour packages are the cheapest -- inclusive of airport transfer, accommodation (air-conditioned), full board meals, Batan Island Tour (north and south tours), Sabtang Island Tour, tour guide, government & entrance fees and service vehicle (van).


KUYA RENZ GALAT; 0927 514 4646

The most exciting part of travel is discovery -- that's what I've realized for traveling solo since 2011. I love the feeling of being in awe and to the completely unexciting things to happen. These might be the reasons why I enjoyed my stay in Batanes last year.

Kuya Renz is one of the tour guides in Batanes. He was referred by Amboy Hometel where we stayed for 4 days and 3 nights. I met him at the hotel's reception area, looking tired that morning but still managed to smile.

If you're new to a certain place and you haven't researched at all, you'll definitely listen intently to your tour guide and ask so many questions just to satisfy your curiosity. I have learned that Kuya Renz was working as a government employee in Batanes for years to support his daughters' studies here in Manila.

When Kris Aquino featured Batanes on her now defunct-TV show, the need for tour guides mushroomed. Without flinching an eye, he enrolled himself to TESDA and got certified. Few days after, he was invited by Amboy Hometel to guide tourists from Manila. He admitted that he's enjoying his current job as a tour guide (sometimes, as a photographer) because he has all the time for his family and helping promote Batanes -- that alone makes him teary-eyed.

This is a shout out for Kuya Renz for being very informative, understanding and honest during our stay in Batanes. He played the tour guide-photographer role wholeheartedly.

Kuya Renz is indeed an inspiration -- age is not a hindrance to enjoy what you're passionate about. He studied, got certified and now helping his community through tourism.

Maldives Wants Unlimited Flights From The Philippines

Business Mirror, a daily business newspaper, recently reported that Maldives wants unlimited air-transport deal with the Philippines.

Ibrahim Faizal, the Maldivian Civil Aviation Authority Chairman, said that his group is keen on signing an open-skies deal with the Philippine government. He added that they prefer an open sky which means everyone can fly without limits.

"What we want is not based on seats per flight, as far as we are concerned, as the Maldives has an open-sky policy", Faizal told Business Mirror. 

According to Carmelo L. Arcilla, Civil Aeronautics Board Executive Director, the air talks will be scheduled soon and is targeted to be held in the second quarter of 2018 in Manila. He added that they're trying to firm up the schedule which will be held on the second quarter. While demand for travel from the Philippines to the Maldives is quite low, signing the agreement with the country may prove to be beneficial for the local tourism industry, Arcilla added.

"This is going to be the basic agreement. Connectivity is always a catalyst to growth. There might be tourists coming from the Maldives who want to visit another destination, say the Philippines. We want to forge an aviation relationship with them. We have nothing to lose", Arcilla told the Business Mirror.

It is noted that the Maldives is a small island-state famous for its beaches and rich marine resources. Tourism is the country's main industry. To date, there is no existing bilateral agreement with the Maldives, as such, people coming from Manila will have to catch a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Tokyo, to get to the Maldives and vice versa.

The Philippine Airlines is reviewing the possibility of launching flights to the Maldives from Manila.

Travel Guide to Pamplona, Cagayan

Pamplona, a fourth-class municipality in Cagayan, is becoming a favorite destination in the North. This town offers a different experience as it is the perfect destination for beauty and serenity. Yes, you read it right. No frills, no screaming market vendors, no big establishments, no loud parties at night, just unforgettable moments.

According to the 2015 census, Pamplona has a total population of at least 24,000 people and it is politically subdivided into 18 barangays. 

Tourism in Pamplona is still at its early stage. In March 2017, the local government announces the discovery of the three caves of Kalawig. These caves are located in Brgy Sta Cruz which is approximately 30 to 40 minutes drive from the downtown. Pamplona has so much to offer: from caves, floating cottages to a seemingly endless river. You'll love it here!



To get to Pamplona, Cagayan, ride a bus heading to Tuguegarao City. Most bus terminals heading to Tuguegarao City are located in Kamias, Quezon City, Sampaloc, Manila and Caloocan. Fare is around Php 700 per person. Travel time from Manila to Tuguegarao City is approximately 8 to 10 hours.

Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines has daily flights to Tuguegarao City. Regular fare starts at Php 3,000 to Php 4,000. However, air fare varies from time to time.

Once you reached Tuguegarao City, ride a van heading to Pamplona.


RCJ Bus Lines has daily trip to Pamplona, Cagayan via the Laoag City route. The daily trip is scheduled every 06:30 PM. However, on weekends, most especially on Saturdays, they have two scheduled trips: 4:30 PM and 6:30 PM. Please note that this isn't on a regular basis. Fare is around Php 700 and the travel time is approximately 13 hours.

Just in case, you missed the trip through RCJ Bus Lines, there are other bus companies operating to Laoag City. Travel time from Manila to Laoag City is around 8 to 10 hours.

  • FARIÑAS -- (077) 772 0126 (Laoag); (02) 743 8582 (Manila)
  • FLORIDA -- (077) 770 3645 (Laoag); (02) 749 4862 (Manila)
  • PARTAS -- (077) 771 1514 (Laoag); (02) 725 1740 (Manila)
  • RCJ LINES -- (077) 771 3308 (Laoag); (02) 749 2994 (Manila)
  • GMW -- (077) 771 6466 (Laoag)
  • MARIA DE LEON -- (077) 770 3532; (02) 731 4907 (Manila)

You may also book a flight to Laoag City through Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific Air. Travel time is approximately an hour. Standard airfare is around Php 3,000 to Php 4,000. However, please be reminded that airfare varies from time to time.

From Laoag City, ride a bus heading to Pamplona, Cagayan.

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/


ISLA PARAISO - If you're a fan of smooth slow ride, then Isla Paraiso is for you. Before we move forward, let me set your expectations to avoid disappointment. The Floating Cottages of Pamplona aren't as grand as those in Loboc River in Bohol. As what I've mentioned earlier, tourism in Pamplona is still at its early stage. However, the beauty and serenity of Pamplona River will surely catch your attention. 

The floating cottages are docked at the rivers of Brgy Cabaggan and Brgy Nagtupacan, also known as the Isla Paraiso. These barangays are just 5-10 minutes drive from the town hall. The floating cottages has comfort rooms, videokes, kitchen and grilling stations. You can also request paluto, serving the local dishes like Kaggu (clams), crabs, and fish. The floating cottages can accommodate at least 40 people. Such a perfect venue for all types of occasions.

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

Currently, there are at least five floating cottages in the area. Two floating cottages are being constructed as of this writing. Please be reminded that these cottages are open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM daily.
      • Owned by Mr. Joseph Umandap and Domingo Montenegro
      • Cost: Php 4,000
      • Manager: Claro Maquiraya Jr.
      • Contact Number: 0926 326 4456
      • Owned and managed by Mr Christian Leaño
      • Cost: Php 4,000
      • Contact Numbers: 0905 578 5960; 0995 755 3844
      • Owned by Ms Imie Rodriguez and Howard Lim Jr.
      • Cost: Php 4,000
      • Manager: Nicolas Rodriguez
      • Contact Number: 0975 290 9355
      • Owned by Mr. Alex Castro
      • AC Floating Cottage 1: Php 3,500
      • AC Floating Cottage 2: Php 4,000
      • AC Floating Cottage 3: Php 4,000
      • Manager: Arceli Castro
      • Contact Number: 0916 784 8404
      • Owned and managed by Mr. Vergilio Cenal
      • Cost: Php 3,500
      • Contact Number: 0926 990 2836
    • A floating cottage (not yet finalized) owned by Mr Ceasar Mallabo
      • Manager: Jane Mallabo
      • Cost: Php 4,000
      • Contact Number: 0915 454 4423
    • FERNANDEZ FLOATING COTTAGE (under renovation)
      • Owned and managed by Mrs Christia Fernandez

The Pamplona River is incredibly beautiful offering a perfect location shoot for photographers and video enthusiasts. You'll surely love the hanging foot bridge, the sandbars, the nipa mangrove and a lot more. Such a perfect setting for your Instagram feed!

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

3 CAVES OF KALAWIG - In March 2017, the local government unit of Pamplona recently discovered the 3 Caves of Kalawig. These caves are located in Brgy Santa Cruz which is 30-40 minutes drive from the Poblacion. The discovery of these hidden caves which are believed to have existed thousands of years now will help the locals through tourism.

Tourists are advised to coordinate with the Barangay Captain for safety and security purposes. Please be reminded that getting here isn't that easy due to the rugged terrain.


Aside from its delicious Kaggu, Brgy Cabaggan is also known for its traditional Nipa Wine Making. In fact, Road Trip, GMA 7's travel show, conducted a research trip here. TV hosts Rochelle Pangilinan, Max Collins and Andres Torres tasted and enjoyed the traditional wines, the Binarayang and the native Kaggu.

If you're staying longer in Pamplona, please visit the St. Peter the Martyr and St. John Nepomuceno Parish, the Tree House, Bagu Falls, Malagavavi Mountain and Falls, and a lot more!

For more information about Pamplona, you may follow their Facebook Page and shoot them a message. Also, please follow me on Facebook for updates on this travel guide. Happy travels!☺

  • Nena's Beach Resort; 0917 578 0818; 0935 743 3218
  • Rodriguez Resort House
  • Cayosa Hotel
  • Jezia Beach Resort

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/
IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

IMAGE www.facebook.com/pamplonacagayan/

Palaui Island, Santa Ana, Cagayan
Taggat Lagoon, Claveria, Cagayan