Old Quarter: Hanoi's Eternal Soul

The moment we reached Hanoi, Vietnam after a 24-hour bus ride from Vientiane, Laos, I and my friends immediately took a cab heading to Old Quarter.

Hanoi's Old Quarter allows you to travel back for at least 2000 years ago as it has ancient architecture of the 15th century. The quarter is considered as one of those places in the world that grows on you the more you experience it. Imagine those old-styled narrow streets full of antique brick houses, cheap food vendors on the sidewalks, shopping centers mostly on all areas, and the busy streets surge with scooters vying for right of way. Hanoi is one of my favorite cities now.

Old Quarter is considered as the eternal soul of Hanoi. I love this place as coffee shops are all over the place. Local restaurants offers free wifi connection while enjoying cheap and delicious food. 

I enjoyed asking lower prices for The North Face backpacks from business owners. And, luckily they gave me discounts! To pay them back, I volunteered in inviting fellow tourists to get inside the shop to buy bags, making them very happy. They wanted to hire me!

Overall, I enjoyed Hanoi. I enjoyed Old Quarter even more!