Say Hello To Halong Bay

While on our way to Backpacker's Street in Old Quarter, I and my friends passed by a travel and tour agency offering a day trip to Halong Bay. For $25, the package includes a hotel pick up and drop off, lunch on the boat and it covers the environmental and entrance fees.

Halong Bay, located at the Golf of Tonkin in Quang Ninh Province, is known for having emerald waters with thousands of towering limestone islands and rain forests. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site so imagine how beautiful, amazing the place is. Halong Bay is considered the most visited place in Vietnam to date.

I enjoyed the boat ride because of the breathtaking views around. Halong Bay is simply stunning! You'll be surprised having thousand of photos on your camera already. This is no joke for first timers like me. 

I didn't like the food served at lunch. But, I enjoyed the black coffee I requested. I did my first boat shopping there. Mostly, souvenir stuff.

One of the best things happened there --- we met new friends.