Books, Pens & More: A Campaign To Build A Reading Center

Together We Share was coined to enrich the young minds, especially the Aeta children -- heightening their interest to reading and to trigger their artistic sides through the books and school supplies we have donated. 

However, we have identified several factors affecting their education. Thus, we have included food, groceries, toiletries, flashlights, medicines, slippers, and pre-loved clothes on our donation drives.

With the success of the past Together We Share events, this time, on our fourth leg, we'll be sustaining what we've started in April 2017. Yes, we're ready to adopt this Aeta Community in Sitio Rapuli in Santa Ana, Cagayan for a longer period of time. 

The number of out of school youth in the community is becoming an issue. According to their tribal chieftain, no one have reached college or at least finished high school in their community. After finishing their primary education, the students start working for their daily needs until they get married and have their own families. 

We've launched Books, Pens & More, a campaign to solicit funds so we can build a reading center for the Aeta Community, benefiting the 27 families in the area. Thank you. 

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Thank you in advance and God bless your lovely souls! ❤