Fighting Depression: Am I Better Off Dead?


Of course not!

Hey, I just called the HOPE hotline; shared my stories; and yes, I've cried a river. It feels great to talk to someone you've never met; someone who doesn't know you at all; and someone who will never judge you. I feel better now.

Depression almost killed me and I'm so happy that I've started seeking help before it's too late. Depression isn't always sadness, emptiness, anger and tiredness. Sometimes, it is a cry for help which isn't so visible. There were times that I fool myself, thinking that it's gone. But, it's there; it's always there.

Believe me, depression isn't a joke.

I'll be on a digital detox for a while. I already started uninstalling my social media apps to get rid with trolls and bullies.

Now, I'm on my way to meet a counselor. I hope everything will get better. I know, for sure, this will pass. If not, please know that I appreciate you and thank you for being a friend. Please check on people. Check how your loved ones are doing. Also, get in touch with your 'happy friends'. I know, some of them aren't really happy.

Kaya ko to. Laban lang!

For your reference, here's the HOPELINES. Remember, you are not alone.

Photo courtesy of Natasha Goulbourn Foundation