Financial Freedom While On Travel

Hello! How are you? It's been a while since I've updated you about my life on the road. However, this time, I'm writing this post not just as a travel blogger but also as a financial consultant of Prulife UK, one of the leading life insurance companies here in the Philippines.

In my previous blog few months ago, I admitted that I was on a mountain of debt leading me to just stay home, applying for new jobs and getting myself back on the grind again. Just like most of you, I never thought of getting a life insurance before. Yes, I was on the road every weekend, enjoying the neck-tingling activities yet I do not have a life insurance. Thank God nothing bad happened to me during those times. Now, I got myself insured and will surely enjoy my life on the road again. 

Most of us, Filipinos, are hesitant to learn the benefits of getting a life insurance. If you doesn't have a policy yet, no worries, I totally understand you. Our mindset -- we work hard to save in order to buy a new house, send our siblings to school, get a car, to be able to travel and so on. When life happens, our savings will be used, we ask financial help from friends and family, we'll call banks for loans and to eventually let go of our properties. You don't have to do all these. Get yourself insured. It's time to secure your health and income. Send me a direct message or call your friends who are connected with life insurance companies and start authoring your life.

Let me emphasize the importance of the following:

INSURANCE - As what I've mentioned earlier, getting a life insurance is very important especially for us, travelers. We're prone to emergency and accident when on travel. Remember that. Your life insurance covers your hospitalization, critical illness, accident and death. Also, when you have a policy, a portion of your money is being invested to stock market allowing your hard-earned money works for you. A life insurance is a pre-requisite in getting in to certain countries.

INVESTMENT - Let your money works for you. My policy with Prulife UK allows me to invest a portion of my premium to the stock market. Instead of just saving your hard-earned money to banks, invest it to life insurance companies offering you to invest it to mutual funds, equity fund, etc. Or, start a new business. Remember these: usually, inflation is around 3-4% annually and banks offer 1% interest per annually. After few years, your hard-earned money saved in the bank will not be enough anymore when you retire.

EMERGENCY FUND - Your emergency fund is the amount of money saved in a bank for emergency purposes such as loss of job, critical illness, or unexpected expenses. This fund should be at least 3 to 6 months worth your expenses. For example, your monthly expenses is around Php 10,000, you are expected to have at least Php 30,000 saved in the bank. Yes, you're only allowed to travel if you have an emergency fund.

RETIREMENT - Now is the perfect time to save for your retirement while we're young and able. Believe me, with the technological advances, most companies will hire a fresh graduate over a 60 year old guy unless you're super good at witty. My cousin started her retirement plan for only Php 3,000 monthly and is being debited from her payroll account. She will be receiving 5 million pesos at age 60 based on the projected investment at 10%.

TRAVEL FUND - Open another bank account for your travels. You can set up an automatic debit from your payroll account for at least Php 1,000 monthly. Or, if you have part time jobs, your salary should be deposited here in case you wouldn't really need it.

LOANS - No, no, no, no, nooooo! If you can't afford it in cash, you can't afford it. Get yourself a job, earn, save then travel. Remember that. 

Be wise. Prepare for your future and never ever be a burden to your family. Yes to financial freedom!


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