Lasah deserves the outdoor and not being chained for the rest of his life

An online petition to free Lasah, an elephant, has started and is becoming a trending topic on social media. As of this writing, the petition has received an almost 400 thousand signatures from people all over the world.


According to the petition, Lasah is a 37-year old wild born elephant who was captured and taken into captivity when he was a baby. Unfortunately, he was separated from his mum and herd, and eventually chained in zoos. He was exploited and exposed to tourism and entertainment for over 25 years in Malaysia.

Lasah has been forced to work in a logging camp, lived in zoos including Singapore Zoo, performed to different shows including in a popular Malaysian entertainment outlet. The elephant has been used in commercials and just recently, the 1999 film "Anna and the King".


12 years ago he was sent to the popular Malaysian tourist island, Langkawi and since then he has been used by the profit-making Langkawi Elephant Adventures (LEA). There, Lasah was forced for elephant rides and lives all alone, which is devastating for a social animal like elephants. LEA also continues to offer Lasah for other commercial purposes on their website.

According to the petition, in July 2016, activists exposed photos of Lasah being chained on all four legs behind public eyes during LEA's closing hours. In March 2017, eight months after the campaign for Lasah have started, the Malaysian environment ministry said that Lasah is chained on two feet only and not exploited for tourism purposes.

Unfortunately, Lasah has suffered for too long. This abuse must stop. Sign and share the petition to urge the Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to grant Lasah's freedom, allowing him to go to a sanctuary in Cambodia which has offered a permanent home for Lasah. 

You may sign the petition HERE.