How To Get More Instagram Followers This 2019

Getting a huge number of Instagram followers isn't that easy anymore as compared last year or two years ago. Imagine this: there are more than 1 billion monthly users on Instagram, with an ultra-smart algorithm, and tons of clever, creative and competitive brands on the social media network. So, yes, it's really hard to stand out, show off your brand, and to get more followers on Instagram. 

But, we need to work smarter and harder. 

I've been using Instagram for years now. I admit, it's not easy to get more followers nowadays. Luckily, my engagement is high enough, allowing me to book collaborations and sponsorships. Let me share with you eight tips to get more followers this 2019 based on my Instagram experience and through the latest trend.

1. Complete Your Instagram Profile

Instagram users quickly decides whether they follow you or not depending on your feed. This is your first opportunity to make a great impression, enticing people to follow your account. Make sure you have a great Instagram profile photo and complete and effective Instagram bio. Always remember that your Instagram profile is as important as your homepage.

2. Use Hashtags and Location Tags

In case you missed it, Instagram Stories including photos and videos appear on the Instagram Explore page, allowing other people who don't even follow you still browse and watch your stories. They might even tap your handle name and follow your profile. Amazing, right? 

All you have to do is use up to 30 hashtags per post. You can also use hashtags on your Instagram Stories. Your story may also appear in the stories for different locations and hashtags. You'll receive a notification from Instagram when your story is added to location's story page. Make sure you use a location sticker to your Instagram story to be added on the list. Once added, this is an opportunity to be in front of new audiences! 

3. Post Selfies Once In A While

Seriously? Yes, of course! 

Instagram is a social media network and people want to follow the accounts that they can relate to, regardless of weather that's a brand, influencers, or a person they meet on mountain climbing. It is very important to make your Instagram account as personable and relatable as much as possible. 

4. Promote Your Instagram on Facebook

'Mga lodi, patingin naman ng IG travel photos niyo'.

'Need travel inspiration, please drop your IGs on the comment'

Cross-promoting your Instagram on other social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter is an easy way to attract and introduce yourself to new audiences. It's time to think about your Instagram strategy as a part of your wider marketing efforts. Yes, you can grow outside the Instagram app.

5. Collaborate with Brands

Collaborating with other Instagram users isn't that complicated and costly. You can simply message a user who loves photography and meet up for a photo walk within BGC or in Makati or anywhere else. Make sure that you have a mutually beneficial partnership and that both of your audiences will benefit from your collaboration efforts.

6. Reply to Comments and Direct Messages

7. Post Comments To Other Instagram Accounts

I've noticed that most bloggers kept on commenting on the photos posted by another Instagram users. This is an effective way to attract new audiences. Yes, I'm also doing this! Once in a while, I leave comments to photos posted by my favorite celebrities and personalities. Followers of these celebrities and personalities can see your comment and will eventually tap your handle and browse your Instagram profile. So, make sure you have a complete Instagram bio. 

8. Post Consistently

I hope you learned something today. If the tips mentioned above works for you, please let me know. Let me know as well if you know other tips and hacks that is related to this topic so I can update this blog very soon. Thanks again!