How To Get To Mt Balagbag, Erich Gonzales' Latest Mountain Destination

Local celebrity Erich Gonzales has always been a trending topic among Facebook groups related to travel and mountain climbing. She has been climbing the mountains near Metro Manila. Just recently, she conquered Mt Balagbag, one of the popular mountains in Rodriguez, Rizal.


Mount Balagbag, a perfect destination for camping and stargazing, can be accessed through the roads of San Jose del Monte in Bulacan. To get here from Makati, ride a bus heading to Tungko. Fare is around Php 57 per person. From Tungko, ride a jeepney going to Licao Licao. Fare is around Php 26 per person. For hikers with private cars, use Waze to get to the jump off. Take note: cars are being allowed to be brought at the summit. Awesome, right?

Check your things once you reached Licao Licao. There are stores and low-cost eateries in the area in case you need something before you hit the trails. For registration, you need to trek for at least 25 minutes until you reach the Brgy Hall where you have to pay for the registration fee amounting to Php 10. Hiring a tour guide isn't necessary when climbing Mount Balagbag. Licao Licao also serve as the jump off points of Mount Ipo and Mount Maranat. Both mountains has beautiful and breathtaking waterfalls, attracting tourists and hikers.


The second jump off can be reached after a 40-minute trek from the Brgy Hall. Hikers are required to pay the environmental fee amounting to Php 80 per person. There is another store waiting for you here. The summit is only 15 minutes away so you can rest here for a while and enjoy a snack before hitting the trail again. The summit offers a breathtaking view of Quezon City. Imagine the skyline and city lights when you decide to stay overnight here. Amazing, right? Please be reminded that the last jeepney heading to the city is scheduled at 6 PM daily. In case you missed it, you can hire a tricycle to take you back to the city.

If you haven't started mountain climbing, think again. Climbing to reach the summit can be a rewarding experience, offering sweeping, breathtaking views and uniquely solitary environments. Mountain climbing (better than sosyal climbing) improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness; improves memory; strengthens bones; removes toxins; loses extra pounds; prevents Vitamin D deficiency; improves immune system; decreases stress hormone; and improves balance.


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