Travel Guide To Dumasag River

Cagayan has so much to offer! Here's another mainland attraction in Santa Ana, Cagayan: the beautiful Dumasag River.

Dumasag River, located in Sitio Limbus in Brgy Rapuli, Santa Ana, Cagayan, offers that 'tabing-ilog feels' you've been dreaming of. Views here are absolutely stunning. The water is crystal clear, cold and refreshing. A man-made water slide was installed for you to jump and enjoy the water. The river is just few minutes away from our adopted Aeta Community at Together We Share.

To get here from Manila, ride a bus heading to Tuguegarao City or take a direct Florida Bus Liner trip to Santa Ana, Cagayan. Cebu Pacific Air and Philippine Airlines has daily flights to Tuguegarao City. From Tuguegarao City, ride a van/bus heading to Santa Ana. Then, at the downtown, hire a tricycle going to Dumasag Riversort.

You can stay here for few hours, enjoying the raw beauty of nature. Think about the mountains surrounding the river, the green rice fields and the warm smiles from the locals. Such a perfect place for your digital detox. There are cottages for rent: for a regular-sized kubo, Php 270 and for a bigger-sized kubo, that's Php 370. Portion of the rental is being provided to the rice field owners nearby.

  • Entrance Fee: Php 10
  • Parking Fees:
  • single motor: Php 5
  • sidecar: Php 10
  • van: Php 15
  • elf: Php 25

  • Please pay the required fees. These are intended for the maintenance, protection and future development of the sites.
  • Garbage in, garbage out policy is strictly implemented. Please don't litter. Place your trash on designated bins.
  • Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints. Bringing out rocks, sand, plants and the like is strictly prohibited.
Of course, visiting the beautiful Palaui Island shouldn't be missed out! I'm highly recommending these tour guides. They're simply the best! Swear! 


Ronald Urdas Cabutin; 0916 158 2259
Danilo Urdas Cabutin; 0935 894 4860
Nanding Cabutin; 0947 634 0986 and 0935 996 6744


Good news! I've got a new 'home away from home' for you all. Jarell's Lodge, located in San Vicente, is just few minutes away from the San Vicente Port, the launch pad to Palaui Island. The place is very clean, spacious and is absolutely affordable, perfect for fellow budgetarians!

For more info, you may contact Ma'am Josephine Garalde at 0918 909 8208.

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