Travel Guide To Thalia Falls

Here's another first from Noel On The Road. Yes, you read it right! We're the first group from Manila who successfully trekked and survived the Patunungan virgin forests just to witness the beuty of Thalia Falls.

Thalia Falls, located in Patunungan, Santa Ana, Cagayan, is unknown to many tourists. According to folklore, the waterfalls was named after Thalia, a mother who gave birth decades ago to a baby boy.

Getting here isn't that easy. Patunungan is blessed with unexploited and untouched forests, making the trek a bit harder for tourists who aren't into mountain climbing. The virgin forest is home to a diverse range of fauna and flora, making the trek exciting. You have to pass by several rivers, ricefields, and forests just to get here.

Thalia Falls is an hour drive from Santa Ana downtown. However, trekking is about an hour or two. Make sure you start the trek early so you wouldn't get lost on the trails. Again, the waterfalls is located far away from the Patunungan residential areas.

Thalia Falls is yet to be discovered by the local tourism office. So, you've got nothing much to pay just to enjoy this beautiful Santa Ana mainland attraction.

Truly, Cagayan provides a never ending adventure, offering several natural attractions. It is known as a paradise for spelunking, trekking, island hopping and game fishing.

I can't wait to go back here!

You may contact Kuya Ronald Urdas Cabutin at 0916 158 2259 so he can assist you in getting to Thalia Falls and arrange a tour package for you.

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