You're Still In My Heart

You know that I love you still,
Our memories keep flashing back in my head,
Under my pillow is where your portrait resides well,

And I can’t help to cry hard on my bed.
Reminiscing our days makes me smile and makes me blue,
Everyday I miss each time when I’m with you,

Sunrise, sunset, daytime and nighttime come,
Till the universe ends, you’re still the one who makes my life calm.
I‘ll always be here for you, even the world leaves you behind,
Living without you is like living in a hell,
Loving you is the best moments to rewind, 

I love you for always, I always have, and I always will.
Nothing can change this feeling in my heart, you

Made me flatter, you hit it with a dart,
You made my mind crazy and full of ecstasy, but

How did you end up fading and walked away?.
Each day I pray that our paths will meet at the crossroads,
At the end of this life’s journey, wherever this horizon holds,
Rings the love I always hope and pray, 
Truly, I leave all of this to God, pleading he’ll comes back and stay. 

A poem by J-pelou Perigo